We develop and supply products for hand hygiene & skin disinfection with the aim of reducing the risk of infections and to ensure patients and professionals comfort and safety.

Hand hygiene is a gold standard for reducing healthcare-associated infections and protecting patients safety.

Hand washing with soap and water reduces the amount of germs on hands. Moreover, the mechanical action of lathering and scrubbing with soap (while washing hands) is important to remove bacteria too.

Alcohol-based hand disinfectants are recognized as effective for pre-operative cleaning of the hands of surgical personnel and skin preparation of patients prior to surgery.

Shower, bath or bed bath and general skin disinfection with the most effective disinfectants available in our range and according to most recent Guidelines (that is, chlorhexidine gluconate, povidone iodine and their alcohol-based versions) are an important measure to reduce the transmission of nosocomial infections in hospitals.

Disinfectants for hand hygiene

Products developed for hand washing and hand rubbing in health and care settings for infections prevention according to Infection and Prevention Manuals and the most recent Guidelines.

Disinfectants for general skin disinfection and antibacterial body wash

To disinfect small areas of the body before specific procedures or for pre-operative and post-operative body disinfection by shower-bath according to Infection and Prevention Manuals and the most recent Guidelines.

Hand sanitizers

Available in the form of liquid or gel recommended for use when there is unavailability of water and soap or due to other medical concerns.

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